+/- 450 years ago the ancestors of Ms. Teuta Rama already produced organic olive oil on their estate, near Rozafa Castle in Shkodra. At that time they were the first and only ones to produce organic olive oil in this region. The olive oil was of very good quality and that did not go unnoticed. In addition to the fact that the ancestors sold the olive oil in their shop in the bazaar at the Rozafa castle, the olive oil was sold en masse to the sultans in Istanbul, Turkey. Albania used to be a very famous country for the production of pure, organic olive oil. Many olive groves were destroyed by communism (1947) or were no longer used for consumption and distribution. All these years the olive groves have been used for their own consumption. After the fall of communism in Albania, these olive groves have once again fallen into the hands of the original owner, the Rama family. The Rama Family ensures that the production process is still carried out in the same way as for the communis regime. No other products are added or modern techniques are applied with the positive result that this olive oil is purely organic without additives. The Rama family started again in 2013 with the production of olive oil for worldwide distribution. They started in 2013 with the planting of 1400 olive trees, Olea europaea 'Leccino', from Venice. This is an olive tree that is specially grown for the production of olives.