Pulled chicken curry
Prepared with the rosemary oil from OILBA (4 pers.):
 Start by boiling water with a stock cube and a pinch of salt. When the stock is boiling, put the chicken in it and let it cook until done. Meanwhile, clean 500 grams of beans and cut them in half.
Blanch the beans in boiling salted water for 5 minutes. When cooked, rinse them with cold water to preserve the color. Then put on a kettle with rice. 🍚
Chop 1 onion and cut 1 carrot and 1 zucchini into strips.
When the chicken is cooked, remove it from the water. Let it cool a little and then pull the chicken. Now put the OILBA Rosemary oil in a wok pan and stir-fry the onion in it, then add the carrot and zucchini. In the meantime, cook 500 ml of coconut milk with 100 grams of yellow curry paste in a pan. Stir in the cooked beans here. Add the curry mixture and the plucked chicken to the vegetables in the wok. Drain the rice and put it in a bowl. Place the pulled-chicken curry mixture on top and serve the dish with lemon and chopped parsley and coriander to give it even more flavor! 🍋

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