Pesto all'Albanese

Pesto or pesto all 'Albanese is a sauce made from Olive Oil Extra Virgin from OILBA.

The ingredients are crushed together in an old-fashioned stone mortar. Hence the name 'pesto' = stamped. The product has a smooth texture.

You can also replace sea salt with salted anchovies. This gives the pesto a very tasty taste.

Pesto can be combined well with pasta dishes, fish dishes or used in salads and sandwiches.

Pesto is often confused with or placed with Tapenade. Tapenade, however, contains capers and often also olives.


- 15 grams of Parsley (about 1/2 bunch)

- 25 grams of basil (about 1 bunch)

- 15 grams of Pecorino cheese (or a comparable cheese)

- 40 ml. OILBA Olive oil Extra Virgin (very soft and nutty in taste)

- 10 grams of pine nuts

- 1 clove of garlic

- 1 pinch of pepper and sea salt or salted anchovy


- Grate the pecorino, as fine as possible.

- Color the pine nuts in a hot frying pan without fat. Let them brown evenly and then add a little salt. Let the pine nuts cool on kitchen paper.

- clean the garlic and put it together with the sea salt or the anchovy in the mortar. Crush the garlic and turn until you have fine garlic paste.

- Put the washed basil and parsley in the mortar. Keep turning the herbs around (back and forth) in your mortar until you get a green juice.

- Add the pine nuts and crush them until a smooth puree is produced.

- Then gradually add the grated pecorino. In the meantime, keep turning around in the auger until you get a nice, even puree.

- Gently add the olive oil while you keep turning. Continue to add olive oil until you have the desired thickness. Finally, add some lemon juice!

Enjoy your meal!