Concept OILBA Streetfood

The idea behind our concept is to create Fusion dishes. We want to upgrade the traditional Street food dishes, of Albania / Ottoman cuisine, to a higher level by combining them with trends and the developments of contemporary gastronomic cuisine.

This ensures that OILBA serves distinctive and unique dishes that are given a classier touch. This creates luxurious dishes.

The concept is based on the Albanian Flatbread . This originates from the ILLYRIA region, the Mediterranean coastline between Slovenia and Greece.

This is a very old culture, a food culture that you rarely see in Western Europe. The cuisine is generally surprising, with a lot of taste.

We want to introduce people to this extraordinarily tasteful and gastronomic culture, but on a different manner..

Food & olive oil always go hand in hand in this culture. In the early years, a lot of olive oil was grown in this region, which was renowned in the world for its quality properties and taste. Our own olive oil also comes from this region!

Every dish we serve is also prepared with a different OILBA herbal oil.