Albanian Flatbread

- Duck-Truffes, Duck confit in olive oil served with a salad of white cabbage, walnuts, apple and Truffle mayonnaise (Truffle oil from OILBA)

- Tuna-Fresh, Wafer-thin fresh Tuna with a salad of ginger, coriander, lemon and a wasabi mayonnaise (Lemon oil from OILBA)

- Albanian Lamb, Slow-cooked shoulder of lamb served with a fennel salad and tarragon tzatziki (Rosemary oil from OILBA)

- Turkey Picante, “Pulled” turkey with a salad of pickles and Jalapeño peppers and Siracha mayonnaise (Chili oil from OILBA)

- Atropa Bella Donna (Vega), Falafel with grilled vegetables, feta cheese and a sauce made of thyme and garlic (Garlic oil from OILBA)

- Mezze OILBA, 5 different traditional Albanian / Ottoman snacks